Volunteer Opportunities

As discussed at the recent club (AGM) meeting, our club is managed and run by community members like you, and volunteers are needed! If there is an area where you can contribute, please contact myself or another board member. Below are some of the volunteer positions currently available.


In this role you report to the President.  Attend the monthly board meeting and the annual meeting.  Take the club minutes during the meetings.  Distribute the meeting minutes for review to the board.  Participates in the discussions of the club.

Field Liaison:

This role begins in the last week of August and runs through the middle of November.  We have roughly 8 fields in our system.  They consist of  Elementary schools like Somerset, Eastgate, Newport Heights, Ringdall, Tyee and Puesta.  Most of these fields are dirt.  In this role you will make sure that the city or school district puts the goals out for us to use, maintains the fields weekly by either mowing them or grading them, and communicate to the coaches to see that the fields are in the best condition possible for practices and games.  Occasionally you will drive around to check on the fields to make sure the goal nets are up and everything looks good.

– It would be possible to divide up some of the above responsibilities and therefore make is easier for more members to get involved. For instance, consider volunteering to regularly check on the condition of one field near where you live.

Recreational Equipment Coordinator:

This role begins the planning stages in June each year.  In this role you will provide equipment like soccer balls, soccer bags, pennies, and cones to the coaches each year from our inventory of equipment.  The Administrator will provide you a list of the volunteer coaches each year via email.  You will contact the coaches via email to see which coaches need either replacement gear or new gear for the season.  You will take inventory from our storage locker, located in Newcastle, and see what we have available to distribute to the coaches.  Whatever equipment is not available will be purchased at Soccer West with approval from the Executive Director.  Once you have the replacement equipment and new equipment organized, you will arrange the coaches to pick up the equipment either at your house, the storage locker or our pre-season coach meeting in August.

According to the current Equipment Coordinator, the time commitment is as follows:

“There are about 40 to 50 teams, and not all need equipment, but most will need something and some will need  to swap items and others will need everything.

I would say the time commitment is about  30 hours in the summer and early Fall buying, prepping and distributing equipment.  Then at the end of the season about 10 hours collecting, cleaning and sorting it back in inventory.  This includes multiple trips to the Soccer locker as returns trickle in over months.

I am probably underestimating the time it took me, but I bet someone else could be more efficient.”