• 1.Programs
  • Which category (age group) should I register my child in?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Registration categories are divided by birth year. You should register for the age category designated by the year in which your child was born.

    There is an age chart published at the website of our parent Association, EYSA.

  • Which session of Clinic should I register for?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Five year olds should take First Year Clinic. Six year olds and those who have had a year of clinic should take Second Year Clinic. Six year olds who have never played before may choose either session. It is up to the parent to decide if the child would feel comfortable in Second Year Clinic with children who have already had one year of clinic.

  • How much does playing soccer cost?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    The registration fees for the 2016-17 season are:

    • U-7 Clinic – $120 (includes ball and reversible jersey)
    • U-8 to U-18 Mod/Recreational Soccer – $200
    • U-12 to U-19 Club Select Soccer – $1125 (requires tryout and invitation)

    All players need to provide their own soccer cleats and shin guards.
    Clinic players will receive a jersey and ball.
    Recreational and Select players must also purchase uniforms. See the uniforms page of our site for details.
    Select players have additional fees for tournaments and training, which will vary by team.

  • How many players are on a team?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Maximum roster size for Mod Rec teams of U8 is 8, U9 is 9, U10 is 12, and for U11 and U12 is 14. Recreational teams of U13-U18 can have between 14 and 18 players

  • Does the clinic program have teams?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Teams are not formed in the clinic program. Friends who signs up for the same session will be together, since we do not break the session down into separate teams. The players play many small sided games with other players in the program session.

  • Where do I get a uniform?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Rec U8 and up players will need a jersey, black soccer shorts and black soccer socks. The jersey must purchased at Soccer West in Loehmann’s Plaza in Factoria.

    Clinic players will receive a different kind of jersey at the first session.

    Select Players will purchase their uniforms online. Details will be provided by the team managers.

    For more detail on uniforms see: http://newportsoccer.org/uniforms/

  • When is the season?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    The league season begins just after Labor Day, usually the second week of September, and runs on consecutive weekends until early November for Recreational and mid-December for Club Select.

    Additionally, Select teams will play in tournaments during the summer immediately following tryouts and team formation, and participate in State Cup competition early in the New Year. Some Rec teams will also participate in State Cup.

  • When are practices?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Practices are held twice a week. There are different time slots for each practice day, usually starting somewhere between 4:00 to 6:00. Coaches will be assigned practice days and times after all of the teams have been formed. It is not possible to assign your child to a team that has your choice of practice days or times.

  • Where are the fields?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    The fields are located throughout South Bellevue. Most of the fields are dirt and are located at the schools within our boundaries. We also use Newport Hills Park for our select program

  • When are the games?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    All U14 and below games are played on Saturday. For boys soccer U15 and up the games are on Sunday. Girls play on Saturday until U15, then switch to Sundays (Rec. but not Select). The games schedule is set by EYSA and cannot be changed by NYSC.

  • 2.General
  • Can my child play for NYSC if we do not live within your boundaries?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Any child, no matter where they live or where they go to school, may play for NYSC. We are not allowed to publicize our program outside of our boundaries however.

  • I want to coach. Can I have some more information?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    We always need volunteer coaches. Soccer experience not required. There is an opportunity in the registration process to express your interest in volunteering. If you decide later, you can always email the club administrator at administrator@newportsoccer.org

  • Where does the money for the registration fee go?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Most of the registration fee goes toward renting the fields for practices and games. The Bellevue Parks department charges NYSC for all of the fields that we use, including schools and parks. The registration fee also covers referees, WSYSA fees, player insurance, and a small amount of administrative expenses

  • When will I hear about my child’s team, coach, practices?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    We start forming teams in early June. Ideally, we could have teams rostered by late June. The reality is that we will need to find coaches and more players to fill out a lot of the teams. This could drag the process out as late as the end of August for some teams. Most likely you will hear from your child’s coach before the beginning of August

  • Why haven’t I heard from my child’s coach?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Coaches typically receive their team rosters by the beginning of August. If you haven’t heard from your coach, he/she could be on vacation or not ready to start practices yet. If you haven’t heard from your coach by mid-August, please contact the club at administrator@newportsoccer.org

  • 3.Policies
  • My child is really good at soccer. Can he/she play up?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    All NYSC Recreational soccer players are required to play on a team at their age appropriate level. It is in the best interest of the players and the team for children to play at their age level, no matter what their skill level

  • I really want my child to play up. Why can’t he/she?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    NYSC has found that most age appropriate kids really don’t want younger kids on their team. Also, most kids who start to play up at younger levels, decide not to once puberty starts to kick in, and they become the small kid on the team. Then the team they have played on for years loses these players and has to disband, leaving the age appropriate players without a team. Recreational soccer is a team sport, meant to include players of all skill levels. If your child is highly skilled in soccer, at 10 years old he/she can play up by trying out for Club Select

  • My child is not very athletic. Can he/she play down?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    WSYSA prohibits playing down. If a player has physical or mental disabilities they may petition for a waiver to play down.

  • My child decided not to play soccer, what is your refund policy?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    Refunds will only be granted in the event of a change in the status of the player. Possible reasons for granting a refund include a change in the players health, a change of address, a change in family status, or similar consideration. Refunds for our clinic and recreational programs prior to May 31st will receive a full refund with the exception of $10 to cover administration fees, refunds granted after June 1st and prior to August 15th will receive a full refund with the exception of $25 to cover administrative fees, After August 15th, no refunds will be granted except with Board approval. If granted, a refund after August 15th will be no more than 50% of the registration fee. No refunds will be given after September 30th.
    For our Select program refunds will only be offered through June 30th with Board approval and no more than 50% of the registration fee. No refunds will be given after June 30th. For all other programs (Juniors, Academy, Camps) no refund will be offered

  • Why do I have to send in proof of my child’s age?
    Gareth Beale29-04-2015

    The Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA) requires age verification for all players. Registration is NOT complete without proof of age. Your child will NOT be placed on a team until his/her age is verified