Goal Keeping

Introduction from Coach Bauer

Goalkeeping is the most neglected, yet most important position on the pitch. I believe keepers are the leaders on the field, the most successful of whom play with an offensive-minded, forward-thinking, and attacking style of play. I tailor my training to the level of the athlete, with a consistent mantra to play with confidence and a commanding presence. Forwards think twice about coming up against keepers I train. Sound fundamentals are critical, and will become habit through training. And an offensive mindset will combine to establish a presence that can be renowned, with results to match.

Schedule & Location

One-hour sessions are held on Fridays between 5:30 and 8:30 at Newport Hills Park. Sessions are age-specific and are scheduled according to registrations. Please contact the club Administrator for details.


Free to NYSC Members


Please contact the Club Administrator for details.

About our Goal Keeping Coaches

Chris Bauer
•NCAA Division I National Champion 1989, Santa Clara University
•NCAA Division I National Champion Runner-up 1991, Santa Clara University
•US Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP) Team Member
•Western Regional Team Member
•Youth National Team Pool Player Member
•2 time Premier Team State Champion

Kaitlyn Jackson

Edward Becker